Home Tech Q1 '18


Would you invite a stranger into your home? There was a time when that was an easy question.

But with the proliferation of apps that deal with everything from food delivery to cleaning, it’s becoming more and more common to fire up the smartphone for all your home solutions.

▲ Amazon Key
One of life’s most tedious activities is collecting parcels from the post-office on a Saturday morning. Internet mega-company, Amazon, want to put a stop to this, but you’ll need to adjust your habits. Amazon Key is a service and piece of hardware that allows couriers to access your home when you’re not in and leave a parcel you’ve ordered. The service is soon to be trialled in the US and customers will need to install both a digital keyless lock and an Amazon Cloud Cam. Will it prove a step too far for some safety conscious people, or is it yet another example of tech to the rescue?

▲ Fastgardener
Not everyone has green fingers. Fastgardener is here to help with all your garden needs by quickly and conveniently connecting you with a quality gardener in your area. From regular maintenance to larger landscaping jobs, you’ll be able to find the solution here.

▲ Monbaby
Being a parent is hard, so any bit of kit that helps out in some way should be welcomed with open arms. MonBaby is an award-winning baby monitor that attaches to any article of a child’s clothing, just like a button, and pairs with an app to let you accurately and safely monitor your baby’s movement, position and breathing, letting parents relax, a bit.

▲ Handy.com
No job too big or too small, this app will hook you up with the right people for the job. From post party clean-ups to DIY you simply don’t have the time for, this colourful, easy to use and well-reviewed app has the answer.

▲ Hush Smart Earplugs
Combining hardware with an awesome app, these earplugs will help any light sleepers faced with a snoring partner or any other kind of sound pollution. Pop the plugs in your ears then use the app to pipe in soothing sounds of your choice to help you fall asleep easily.

▲ Dyson 360 Eye
Sir James Dyson and his team enter the robo-hoover market with this beautifully designed piece of tech that promises to pootle about your house sucking up detritus while you go about your day. Featuring bagless technology, a 360 vision that maps your home as it goes, twice the suction of any other robot vac and in the Dyson Link app, a way to control your floor based butler wherever you are. Cats and dogs beware!