Garden 2.0


It’s time to get your garden Summer ready with the latest technology.

It’s that time of the year when summer starts feeling like a real possibility, rather than a fading memory. With that in mind you should turn your attention to all things green-fingered to get your garden ready for BBQs, ball games and hazy weekday dinners in the warm evening sun. To do this we’ve rounded up the latest gadgets and tech to make your own little urban utopia.

▲ ShadeCraft Sunflower
Sitting in your garden enjoying the sun with your family and friends is one of life’s simple pleasures. But as anyone who has been sunburnt will testify, it behoves you to exercise a bit of caution, even if you live in London. This is especially true if you have young children who are particularly vulnerable to the sun’s less savoury effects. The Sunflower from ShadeCraft is the ultimate garden umbrella and let’s you safely stay in the garden without having to retreat inside. This elegant, motorised umbrella uses solar power (of course) to track the movement of the sun, meaning you can concentrate on enjoying your book. The Sunflower also has USB charging ports for your phone, Bluetooth speakers and lights.

▲ Bosch Isio Shrub Shear
For the big jobs in your garden its best to get the professionals in. We’re talking structural, major plant bed refurbs and lighting. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get hands-on and help maintain your lands. The Bosch Isio Shrub Shear is a cordless gadget that’s ideal for smaller urban gardens, both front and back. The little gizmo is basically a handheld hoover for you garden, letting you trim hedges and larger plants without having to dig out the extension cord. Useful.

▲ Garden Plan Pro
If you’ve got a larger garden and like to live deliciously, you might want to devote a section to your own mini-allotment, because there are few better feelings than serving a delicious dinner to friends before informing them you grew the ingredients yourself. Garden Plan Pro will help both novices and more experienced gardeners make the most of whatever outdoor space you have. The app helps you plan, plant and rotate over 190 plants. You’ve ordered your last veg box.

▲ Olloclip Macro Pro Lens Set
Turn your garden into a fascinating safari for your kids with this little iPhone attachment. The three professional-style lenses convert iPhones into a digital microscope, letting you explore your garden in a totally different way. With various design traits making this extremely user friendly, including a lanyard so it’s always nearby, this is a wonderful piece of kit to have nearby when the flowers start to bloom.