Inspiration Q4 '16


A bright and sunny remodeled house in Montreal and a minimalist apartment in Taiwan.

▼ Mentana House
EM architecture

Montreal-based firm EM Architecture undertook the considerable task of converting this abandoned 1900s ex-4-plex property into a modern, single-family home.

The structure was gutted and all interior walls removed, including the rear wall. The house was then rebuilt internally with rooms arranged around a large skylight running the full width of the house. The new interior features extensive use of wood, from flooring to storage, to cladding inside and out. The combination of wood, white steel and natural light creates a brilliantly bright and airy atmosphere. The massive skylight also serves to separate the children’s rooms from the master bedroom. The two areas are connected by a bridge with glass balustrades that crosses over the open plan kitchen on the ground floor below. Clean white walls and fittings lead the eye to designer furniture, objects and art.

▼ Taichung Apartment
Z-Axis Design

Taiwan-based studio Z-Axis carried out a beautifully simple retrofit and redesign of this compact 743 sq ft (69 sq m) apartment, with a focus on increasing and optimising living space. Going against the usual trend, the layout was adjusted from three bedrooms down to two in order to expand the dining and living areas.

A unique arrangement of isometric black, grey and white floor tiles are the apartment’s primary graphic feature, visually dividing the dining and living areas.
The living room and TV walls feature hidden storage cabinets, as well as inset shelves for accessible displays and storage - a neat way to reduce clutter and maintain the clean lines.

The interior was designed in a modern, clean and cohesive style, with wooden floors and furniture giving warmth to the minimalistic white finishes.

The apartment’s character is found in the details, including the mesmerising pattern of the floor tiles, accent living room wall and feature lamp, bare hanging bulbs in the kitchen, curated vintage furniture and the smart, cat-friendly storage system.