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We are a Carbon Neutral Company!


We are proud to have offset 40 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions again this year, from our little plot at Bank Woods, Summerbridge in North Yorkshire!

Energy Saving Gadgets | Autumn 2023

Check out the New tech!

Seller's Guide | Autumn 2023

For Owners

How to price properly

Finance | Autumn 2023


Mortgage market update



"Wellness is a multidimensional concept that goes beyond the absence of illness and focuses on achieving optimal health and vitality."

Market Comment | October 2023

Property Market

Property Precarious.

Buyer's Guide | Autumn 2023

Tips for buyers.

Lofty Life or Basement Boho


It’s a good time of the year to be thinking about home improvements and interior design.

Landlord's guide | October 2023

For Landlords

A look at the market.

Silo Restaurant, Nina + Co


Silo is known for its zero-waste philosophy and commitment to sustainability.

Brik Magazine Q4/23 (October 2023)


Property Precarious? Has the price of property become too high?

Seller's Guide | Spring 2023

For Owners

Sell smart – pick your time and price carefully..

Energy Saving Gadgets | Spring 2023


Check out the New tech to help the environment and your bank account.



"Minimalist design, a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian style."

Mortgage Guide | Spring 2023


Well, the last quarter of 2022 was certainly not normal!

Should you buy now or wait? | Spring 2023

Deciding to buy a property is one of life’s biggest commitments, that you may considering in the next year. Whether it is wise to, of course, is highly dependent on your situation, property ambitions and future plans. But whatever your circumstances are, the wider market will have an effect on your decisions, and their results. So, let’s take a look at what might happen in the coming year and how it might affect you.

Get the London look


Tracey Andrews investigates what is the ‘London look’.

Landlord's guide | April 2023

For Landlords

How to save the rental market.

Market Comment | April 2023

Property Market

The Big Questions in 2023

Ikoyi Restaurant, Studio David Thulstrup


The interior of London's Ikoyi restaurant has been completely redesigned by Copenhagen-based designer David Thulstrup, predominantly featuring copper and oak materials drawing inspiration from spice-making processes.

Brik Magazine Q2/23 (April 2023)


While the housing market always holds a level of uncertainty, it seems that experts can broadly agree on one thing this year: prices will soften, but will it be a full on meltdown?

Autumn Statement 2022


Today Jeremy Hunt has set out his Autumn Statement; his attempt to stabilise the tempestuous economy. He has lowered the threshold at which the 45% rate of income tax is paid from £150,000 to £125,140 as he sets out “difficult decisions” on Personal Tax thresholds. Here's everything you may have missed in today's announcement.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1926 - 2022


Brik mourns the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As a mark of respect, we will be closed on Monday 19th September.

Seller's Guide | Autumn 2022

For Owners

Sell smart – pick your time and price carefully...