Silo Restaurant, Nina + Co


Silo is known for its zero-waste philosophy and commitment to sustainability.


Silo London, originally founded by chef Douglas McMaster in Brighton, expanded to Hackney Wick in 2019. The restaurant focuses on using local, seasonal ingredients and aims to eliminate waste by adopting innovative techniques. The interior design of Silo London reflects its sustainable ethos, utilizing recycled and upcycled materials.

The menu at Silo London is designed to be waste-free, with a strong emphasis on whole foods and traditional techniques such as fermentation and preservation. Ingredients are often sourced directly from local farmers and suppliers, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

Silo London also has an on-site composting system to handle food waste, which is then used to produce compost for the restaurant's herb garden. The aim is to create a closed-loop system where nothing goes to waste.

The restaurant has received positive reviews for its innovative approach to sustainability and its commitment to rethinking the traditional restaurant model. Silo London in Hackney Wick provides an eco-conscious dining experience while showcasing delicious food and supporting local producers.

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