Get the London look


Tracey Andrews investigates what is the ‘London look’.

Rimmel has been synonymous with the tagline 'Get the London look' for a good two decades. In fashion and beauty, it symbolises authenticity, drama, self-expression and individuality. Similarly, in interiors, London has defined a 'London look' that has become a sought-after style from admirers worldwide.


There is no doubt that London's decoration combines the best of its historical backdrop; the Palladian-lined streets and terraces with their classical lines and the bullishness of the modern, almost futuristic buildings heading the skyline swathed in glass and steel. An eclectic cauldron for some of the best interior design there is. The London look is an invented style based on our decorative past and the tameness and functionality of our future.


Luxurious and opulent settings consisting of marble fireplaces, Georgian panelling, bespoke furnishings, custom-made furniture and high-end materials juxtaposed with a contemporary edge; Heavy woods, clean straight lines, and cutting-edge technologies for state-of-the-art appliances and coupled with new era of exciting materials and crafts. As a result, sophistication, comfort, personal statement, timeless elegance and energy.



A neutral palette of cotton creams and carbon greys are excellent choices, particularly if you have smaller spaces. However, ultimately the look demands a sophisticated palette of light blues, 'Bone China' from Little Green, Paint Company, teals, regency greens and Emeralds. Try ‘Studio Green’ and ‘Sulking Room Pink from Farrow & ball for that eye catching chic. The Colour palette for 2023 is moving towards golden hues to soothe the souls and lift the mood in these uncertain times. See Designers Guild's 'Shore Lichen and 'Norfolk Gold.'


With spaces in London properties sometimes premium, search for moveable, compatible in size and in proportion. For example, sofas with legs let you see through and beyond, creating more space visually. Touches of Art Deco is a lovely era of choice, and the ever-contemporary C shape of sofa arrangements makes instant power and convivial settings. Curves are essential too. Use these to add playfulness and instil thought.


Decorative, subtle and bold. Like dad fashion, anything goes. Mix pattern with stripe and opposing colours on the colour wheel - go crazy. We have beautiful textiles at our fingertips, rich in texture, plain and decorative. Most importantly, we look for sustainable materials too.

Curtains or blinds.

Traditional residences command layering and decoration. Modern settings require electrical blinds and practical coverings.


Continuity of flooring throughout the spaces is paramount. Wood, marble, bamboo, and cork all work perfectly with the look.


Layered light is best for inducing a mood with warm rather than cool light emittances. Instate sculptural and decorative fittings rather than practical ones. For that luxurious look, introduce chrome or brass, dazzle and glitz with side lamps such as 'Aspen Table Lamp' from Visual Comfort and Co or Villa Lumi's table lamp 'Totem.'

International appeal.

New York and Parisian touches. From chic furniture to considered art pieces are beautiful essences to add new elements to a well-structured scheme.

Understated or overstated?

Be yourself, be individual; anything works; remember the London ethos; there's an underlining element to follow but ultimately, be true to yourself.

Make a statement.

Consider using bold art pieces to do some of the work for you. London has a host of artists, from the contemporary to abstract and classical. Also, use oversized pieces of furniture that give the illusion that the space is more significant. For example, chandeliers can be placed strategically in the entranceways to any sized property making a statement and providing a focal point.

Space planning.

Residential space is premium; most often, rooms can be small. London interiors - we look for open plan, media rooms, basement swimming pools, dog shower rooms and kitchens bigger and outside too. Second kitchens, three islands, not just one, so how can this all be achieved?

From Barnsnury to Battersea.

From Barnesleys bijou Georgian terraces to the newest skyline of luxurious properties in Battersea, London's look is as diverse or tame as you require it to be - That's the London Look. However, only so much can be altered for modern living. From digging down into the basements and piling onto the overloaded 18th-century properties, perhaps enough is enough.

However, this historical base is what we all strive for and return to for our interior fashion. London's new architectural skyline provides a platform to make the London vibe work. It is forward-thinking, lively, bold and constantly changing. But, above all, it has attitude and individuality, which is that of the London Look.

Written by Tracey Andrews.

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