Ikoyi Restaurant, Studio David Thulstrup


The interior of London's Ikoyi restaurant has been completely redesigned by Copenhagen-based designer David Thulstrup, predominantly featuring copper and oak materials drawing inspiration from spice-making processes.


The 150-square-metre restaurant is based inside the brutalist 180 Strand building in central London, with reservations released on the 1st of each month. The menu is based on British seasonal spices and produce from west Africa.

The interior is like no other, with the restaurant walls lined with an oxidised copper sheet finished with a beeswax solution, and the floors are covered in Gris de Catalan limestone that's flamed and brushed to develop a hammered surface effect. David Thulstrup also added panels of a custom-designed metal-mesh weave which curl up from the restaurant's windows and cover the entire ceiling. The ceiling design was also inspired by spice production, which is a unique way of reflecting the natural light from the windows opposite to lighten the space.

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Images © Irina Boersma