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A look into Sloane Street Deli, Belgravia. Designed and renovated into a unique vintage style eatery, by Rawan Muqaddas Studios.

Design studio Rawan Muqaddas has renovated a stunning green-tiled deli and restaurant in Central London to complement its local surroundings. Situated along an affluent street in Belgravia, Sloane Street Deli incorporates a barista bar, take-away-deli counter and an eatery that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Upon entering the deli customers are greeted by Middle Eastern colours and a deli counter serving baked goods and fresh pastries. The studio's aim was to create a comfortable place to dine that captured the spirit of the local neighbourhood.

"The concept behind Sloane Street Deli was to build on a classic neighbourhood spot that's also an extension of one's home," Muqaddas explained. "A spot where you can come in and spend five minutes or 50, in a space that is inviting, comfortable and warm, with the customer's comfort at heart." Functioning as a café, deli, small market and eatery, the space celebrates community and good food as well as reflects the discerning taste of its Belgravia and Knightsbridge locals.

Photography by © Kensington Leverne. (unless stated otherwise)

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