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The latest gadgets to turn your current house into a future home. From stunning televisions to cocktail makers...

Sony XR-55A90J | sony.co.uk

This 55in (also available in 65in, 83in) beauty is sure to satisfy all your TV needs. Whether it’s the hot boxset, a new blockbuster or the latest gaming must-have, this is the TV to do them justice. This TV combines stunning picture quality, incredible sound and best-in-class motion handling with the Google TV operating system for a true home cinema experience.

Sennheiser 5.1.4-Channel Soundbar | sennheiser.com

When you have the picture quality provided by the Sony XR-55A90J, you want the sound quality to match, and the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar doesn’t disappoint. The speaker packs a full 13 separate drivers – six woofers, three tweeters on the front side, plus another couple of tweeters facing the left and right on each end of the speaker and finally, two upward-firing drivers found on the top of the soundbar. Translation: it sounds really good.

Pudding Soda | loaf.com

There’s not much point in investing in a good TV and sound system if you neglect arguably the most important element: the sofa. A good sofa will be the lynchpin of a cosy living room, and they don’t come much cosier than Loaf. We like the charmingly names ‘pudding’ model, with its plush cushions, range of rich finishes and deep, deep seat for curling up alone or with the family.

Philips Hue Color Ambience | philips-hue.com

For the full ‘the lights are dimming, the film’s about to start’ home cinema experience, you need a good set of smart bulbs. We rate the Phillips Hue Color Ambience because of their warm and versatile colours, combined with simple installation and controls. They work with Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit, and have a frankly staggering +16 million colour options!

Bartesian Cocktail Maker | bartesian.com

One for when the kids have gone to bed, this gadget offers a taste of the cocktail bar from the comfort of home. Just fill the Bartesian with your favorite brands of vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin or rum and some water. Then, insert a Bartesian cocktail capsule with all the premium bitters, extracts, juice concentrates, and mixers you need and enjoy! You can even control the strength, hic!

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