The Selling Equation


Introducing the The Parento Principal, also known as the 80/20 rule, or the law of the vital few. The law states that for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. It’s used in sports (20% of the exercises and habits have 80% of the impact and the trainee), health and safety (20% of the hazards account for 80% of the injuries), and business (0% of sales come from 20% of clients). And now we’re applying it to selling your property. Let us explain.

We believe that most sellers only put in 20% of the effort required to prepare their home for sale. The result is that 20% of effort gets them about 80% of the max value of their property could achieve. There are countless reasons why you might take your foot of the gas when selling your property, not least of which is fatigue. It is not an enjoyable experience, even when it goes well.

However, by putting in that additional 80% when prepping your property for life on the market could yield really-tangible results. And not just financially, a well-presented home could mean the difference between six weeks or six months on the market. Short term effort equals long term gain in the selling game. Here’s some ideas for upping your Parento percentage:

Storage wars
Your treasures are someone else clutter. Investing in some short-term offsite storage for your belongings is a great way to showcase your property in a neutral way for prospective buyers.

The white album
Or, more specifically, the eggshell album. Feature walls aren’t to everyone’s taste and can be quite jarring for some. Dirty walls are even worse. A plain finish (filling in any cracks as you go along) lets buyers imprint their own interior ideas on the property.

Garden state
You know all those jobs you’ve been meaning to do in the garden? Do them. You don’t need to think about bespoke cabins or elaborate treehouses. But fresh turf, jet washed paving and painted fences go a long, long way. If time is limited, ripping up weeds and replacing them with pre-potted plants and small tress is a quick way of sprucing up the garden. If your decking’s seen better days, try washing it first, and if not, consider removing it entirely and cleaning up the concrete below it.

Front of house
The often-neglected front garden should be revamped. And depending on the size, this is one of the easy ones. A good timber bin store and some tasteful gravel, large stones or slate chips are a super quick way to make a good first impression. Oh! And maybe consider painting that front door.