Dress to Impress


First impressions count, and if you’re in the rental business, so do second and third impressions. When your target demographic has time and money to shop around for the perfect place, marketing your property is crucial if you want to get your investment filled and start it making money. No one likes an empty rental property. The good news is that it’s not as hard (or as expensive) as you think to get your rental filled. Whether your property is brand new or a period piece, some simple changes can make all the difference when you put it on the maker.

Understand your market
One of the first things to do is to choose your audience. Having a good understanding of who you would like to rent your property to means you can be hyper-local in your marketing and dressing. Who you would like to rent the property will dictate everything from the price, to the length of the contract and on to whether or not you offer the property furnished or unfurnished. Do you want professionals? Are you happy with families? Pets… These rules don’t have to be hard and fast, but having a guide, even if never leaves your head, will help you when it comes to decision time.

Create a blank canvas
While potential tenants may not see themselves living in your property forever, they still want to create a warm and comfortable place to call home, and they want it to feel like it’s their own, for however long they’re there. Which means it’s a good idea to create a neutral environment so they can project their own personality when they come to view the property. So avoid things like feature walls, over the top furniture and certain artwork. Instead, invest in a fresh coat of off-white paint, simple curtains and, if furnished, choose classic, comfortable furniture in complementary colours.

Creating a lifestyle
While it’s important to give potential tenants space to imagine their own lives in your property, you can still sell in an aspirational lifestyle with some simple touches. Got a tasteful local lifestyle magazine? Leave a copy out. Same goes for any local treats that are nearby, why not have some cake from that artisanal bakery around the corner on hand? Anything to help potential tenants to picture their lives there.

Be picky
Don’t ever forget that you’re in charge. You don’t have to rent to anyone you don’t want to rent to. So if you have a bad feeling or the references don’t check out, wait. Because once you sign the contract, righting the ship will be a much more arduous process.