Home Tech Q4 '17


Check out the latest tech designed to future-proof your home.

Turn your house into a style spaceship that will be the envy of any dinner guests while totally confusing the in-laws.

▲ Smart glass
While clever glass that switches from see-through to opaque has been around for a while, the tech has now advanced to the point where you can control not only light, but also heat. Solar glass, for example, has been shown to reduce the thermal transmittance through a glass façade, directly cutting HVAC costs, making it the perfect choice for any south facing extensions. And blackout glass offers perfect pitch black darkness at the flick of a switch, great for minimalists who want to avoid curtains and blinds.

▲ June Intelligent Oven
It might look like a well-designed microwave, but don’t be deceived. The June Intelligent Oven is so much more. Featuring precision cooking and more than 50 settings, the June lets you cook almost anything, perfectly. Fast heating and featuring a built-in scale and camera, the June will learn and improve as you cook your favourite dishes, and, naturally, you can control it all on your smartphone.

▲ QuardioBase Smart Scale
This beautifully designed smart bathroom scale is like having a much cheaper personal trainer at your beckon call 24-hours a day. It will help you plan, execute and monitor your health goals and body composition. There’s also a pregnancy mode for expectant mothers to monitor changes.

▲ Robomow
If you’re living in the city then the chances are that ride along lawnmower you’ve had your eye on is overkill. Instead, why not save yourself some extra space and invest in the Robomow. Superfast and efficient, if you set a Robomower going on your lawn you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of its labour in no time. Easy, clean and safe, these are a must for any reluctant gardeners.

▲ Osram Lightify
This clever little lightbulb is an energy saving rainbow for your home. Choose from endless hues using the devices’ app and change the atmosphere in a room instantly. There are also options for pre-sets, wake-up programs and vacation modes for added peace of mind when you’re away from home.