Hot Tubs


Interior designers Magenta Pink pick out the best in free-standing baths for the perfect bathroom. Bring on the bubbles!

▲ The Babylon
£6,000 |

A stunning bath made from polished nickel (also available with a choice of white enamel.) The bath offers a lightweight alternative to cast iron. It has a classic, timeless appeal and will be equally at home in traditional or modern settings.

▲ The Chesterfield
£8,954 |

A rectangular free standing bath designed as an adaptation of styles popular in England and France during the late 19th century. Sitting on unusual bun feet, it’s a graceful bath with generous proportions.

▲ Bisazza Organico
£7,560 |

Spanish artist Jaime Hayon’s neo-Baroque Organico collection includes a truly magnificent double-width bath, combining elegance, decandence and style. Accessories and basins are available in gold, platinum, black or white finishes.

▲ The Bath Co Tub
£1,499 |

Contemporary twist on a timeless classic made from acrylic in a beautiful hand painted sage green limited edition colour.

▲ Harrison Bath
£383.20 |

The beautiful oval design of the Harrison freestanding bath is highly contemporary. Warm to the touch, very stylish and great value.

▲ The Burlington
£1,085 |

A deep traditional free standing bath made from acrylic. Not suitable for mounted taps.

▲ The Coniston
from £3,900 |

A very sleek, white gloss bath. The deep curves are inspired by Coniston Water in the Lake District, which is set within a steep U-shaped valley. Very slender despite its imposing scale.

▲ The Porthole Bath
£3,600 |

The Porthole bath is an original free- standing French double-ended bath with portholes cut into one side, ideal for a children’s bathroom or a home by the sea. Comes in various sizes and painted finishes.

▲ Salisbury Slipper
from £549 |

A decandent vintage look at a vintage price! It features a raised back for shoulder and back support and is made of acrylic sheets and stone resin for extra strength and a quality feel.

▲ Roll Top Bath
£349 |

Go for a traditional look with this amazing value freestanding bath. With a black surround and clawfoot feet, it’s a classic shape with timeless appeal. The central tap deck makes it ultra luxurious. Crafted from a high grade acrylic sheet which maintains a natural gloss finish for a modern look.

▲ Babylon Copper
£5,400 |

This pristine freestanding bath is made from solid copper, allowing it to warm up in an instant and remain heated for long periods of time. This means you can take your time and relax without the worry of ending up in cold water. Available in a choice of finishes and in three versatile sizes.

▲ The Bute Bath
£4,575 |

The Bute bath has been formed from quality, durable cast iron and then hand finished with a seamless steel skirt wrapped all around. The classic curved roll top contrasts strikingly with the straight steel lines It comes primed in white ready for painting any colour.