Brik Magazine Q4 2016


Britain’s decision to leave the European Union surprised many people. Within hours of the votes being counted, global markets plunged, David Cameron had resigned as Prime Minister, and sterling crumbled to a 31-year low against the dollar.

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On the Cover
The Maze

It’s been a turbulent time. As the economy twists and turns after a sequence of major events including the Scottish referendum, general election and then the ‘Brexit’, the slower moving property market has been struggling to keep up. Couple this with the plethora of new rules designed to tame the market, from the increased stamp duty rates to the spectrum of laws hurled at landlords, and you’d be forgiven for being confused. Of course, although the ‘Brexit’ result followed by a new prime minister has in some ways seemed like the final act in this bamboozling affair, it’s clearly not over yet. The final round is yet to come. The latest data out has somewhat vindicated the Brexiteers with a silver lining in recent economic results. The question is, is this is the calm before the inevitable storm when Article 50 is served? The truth is, like the election and the ‘Brexit’, nobody can predict what’s around the next corner.