Interior designer Rowena Vaughan delves into current trends in furniture and picks out some perfect pieces for your home.

Trends don’t just happen, they slowly morph from current styles. Divining what is to come isn’t easy but one can begin to see a slow progression in styles after studying what has been and what people are beginning to pick up on at various trade shows, in magazines and on trend websites.

There are definitely themes and looks that are beginning to appear. The big, bold and brassy 70s inspired psychedelic clashing colours are making a comeback, used with quirky accessories and possibly even the return of rattan.

Metallic finishes and innovative use of materials and textures can be seen in the funky West Elm side board shown overleaf. Upcycling and painted furniture is also enjoying a resurgence, although not just in the faded shabby chic way. Now people are making more robust and interesting furniture out of old pieces, taking them apart and making something completely new.
Mid-century modern furniture has been at the forefront of furniture trends for a while. This style of furniture appeals to all ages, from those who remember it from its origination to the younger generation who appreciate the simplicity of form and function.

Susie Rumbold, President of the British Institute of Interior Design and Director of Tessuto Design, gave her thoughts as to trends in furniture and has noticed similar themes coming to the fore:

“We have been noticing that the prevailing trend for all things mid-century is slowly moving away from 1950s and 1960s and towards the 1970s. This is bringing with it some interesting developments like resurgence in the use of cane in furniture and woven rattan seats. This in turn hooks in neatly with the rising trend for all things “craft”. We are also forecasting a renewed interest in tribal elements, African masks and so forth which again were popular in the 70s. In upholstered furniture we are still seeing the use of a lot of velvets and this is morphing into a chenille revival. I think it’s because it’s an affordable way to add luxury and comfort into any design scheme.”

▲ Interior by Tessuto Design |

On the high street many of these trends are being picked up, texture and luxurious material is beginning to creep in, that tinge of metallic hinting at the blousy 70s.

Benjamin Hanley, Design Services Manager at West Elm, Tottenham Court Road, reports: “The marble craze is still very much in full swing! It’s a timeless material that continues to feature in many of our collections. Mid-century modern is also still going strong, with a slight shift to the 70s, whilst still staying true to its clean lines and sleek silhouettes. Touches of warm metallic accents such as copper, brass and rose gold is something we’re starting to see more of.”

Trends are an important part of the cyclical nature of style and interior décor is swayed by trends as much as fashion. Regardless of trends, there will always be a place for antique furniture, the ultimate recycling, which can be used in a modern and stylish way with a little creativity. Statement pieces, large and impressive items can add impact and create instant style. At the trade shows in Milan this year there were stunning pieces set in pedestrian, normal settings; the juxtaposition of the exotic set within the humble.

Having spotted the trend, should you follow it? My advice is always to do what you feel comfortable with. Don’t be a slave to fashion, the furniture you choose should be useful, practical and fit style-wise within your home.