Brik Magazine Q2 2016


Predicting the future can be a hazardous and uncertain task, but what are the potential consequences for the UK housing market if the people of Britain vote to exit the 28-member block?

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On the Cover
In or Out?

The EU referendum is fast becoming the white elephant in the room. The topic everyone is aware of but not many seem to be inclined to talk about. However, whether we like it or not, it seems that this big decision will become very real very fast, affecting everything from defense and immigration to trade, and of course the property market. Britain’s obssession with property runs deeper than Kirsty and Phil giving us painting tips on saturday afternoon. It’s almost everyones biggest asset. Their bricks and mortar bank account, and there’s nothing that spooks people more than the potential of it devaluing. However, since the dawn of time we have been posed with similar questions, risk a move for the chance of improvement, or stay and build on what we know. On the 23rd of June it seems all of us will have the opportunity to answer that age old question, albeit from the comfort of our modern homes.