Inspiration Transmission Q2 '16


A modular apartment boasting clever hidden features, an epic childrens’ room and a fantastic staircase.

Tel Aviv-based firm Toledano + architects completely renovated this Duplex Penthouse apartment and its surrounding roof terrace. The focus was to create a sense of privacy in parents’ and childrens’ areas while keeping the living spaces light and open to inspire interaction. The entire house was designed in a modular fashion with sliding doors, a hidden bar in the book case, a folding extendable metal table and a front entrance door opening in two different ways, all of which help to change the purpose of every space according to the time of the day or occasion. The centrepiece of the house is the metal hanging staircase, which casts graphic linear shadows around the house thanks to the intricate support strings and ever-changing natural light. The playful kids room is like every child’s dream – the modular design integrates a desk, blackboard, book shelves, beds and a wood cabin with laser cut maps on the wall in order to encourage creativity. The exterior was designed to be an extension of the interior, with linear teak decking and accents. As a result of genius design the inside shifts closer to the outside and the outside penetrates the inside space