Market Snapshot JUL 2015: Parsons Green


Everyone wants to know what their property could be worth. The easiest way to get a rough idea is to look at your neighbours property, what sold, what's on the market and what's going on on your street.

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The London property market has one major rule: location, location... you get the idea. Locate your property on one of our Market Snapshots that we have created for a mosaic of sub-markets across Fulham and get a clearer idea.

The map and Pie charts below show all property listed for sale or to rent on 10th July 2015. Properties are shown on the correct street but their exact location may be approximated. To book a free, and accurate valuation call us on 020 7384 6790 or drop by our shop opposite The White Horse Pub, Parsons Green.

Or... visit our coveted Property Tracker website to sign up and get a free estimated valuation from one of our expert agents for no cost or hassle (no visit required).