Clever Kitchens


The kitchen, the most important space in the house, do it proud!

This time of year, home-owners are resolving to complete that long overdue kitchen renovation. But before you get swept away by the latest kitchen trends, remember that a kitchen also has to be a highly practical work space. Go beyond the glossy veneers and consider what your lifestyle demands and all the practicalities to deliver a kitchen with substance. →

Bulthaup’s b3 kitchen storage ideas

People demand a lot of the kitchen. It has to be an ergonomic workplace for the cook, an inviting space for the guests, a social co-ordination hub for families, even a makeshift home office. If you can address all of these lifestyle needs and still make it visually appealing, you will get a kitchen with longevity and a good return on investment. Above all, it has to be highly practical. No fluff; just sensible stuff which improves your life through its clever design. →

Sola Kitchens bespoke storage solutions

Look for kitchen furniture which can adapt to your varied lifestyle needs. The Sliding Top Kitchen Island by West London joinery company INTERIOR-iD is an ingenious example. The full-functioning island features a breakfast bar which slides over the work-surface with integrated sink, automated pop-up tap and flush fitted induction hob. The kitchen island magically transforms into a beautiful piece of furniture with a large work surface which could be used for meetings, a party hub or a homework station. With the worktop closed, there is still access to the pull-out bar and storage drawer at either end, both with concealed LED lights. Not only very practical, it’s also desirable; made from polished smoked eucalyptus wood with red claret suede, bronzed mirror and antique brass details.

“Go beyond the glossy veneers and consider what your lifestyle demands and all the practicalities to deliver a kitchen with substance.”

A clever kitchen should also maximize storage. Especially in London, home-owners are trying to squeeze out every inch of sacred space. Undoubtedly the best way of achieving this in the kitchen is by building bespoke cabinetry. It means you can carve out space from quirky alcoves and chimney breasts and overcome layout limitations with personalized solutions. Most people baulk at ‘bespoke’ but for the increased space it can provide, it actually represents good value. Sola Kitchens’ on Munster Road have some particularly crafty ideas like their cutlery drawer cut to work around the grill gas supply, their discreet hob-side shutter units and their island dog kennel. →

West London Kitchens magnetic drawer inserts

Time spent efficiently also makes for a clever kitchen. This relies on well-placed storage which meets the ‘2-steps’ principal. Everything you need for food preparation should be within 2-steps’ reach. Bulthaup’s b3 kitchen design makes ingenious use of the area above the work surface. The ‘louvers’ in the multi-functional wall can be opened to create pouch-like compartments to place chopping boards and utensils directly above you while you’re cooking. When not in use, you can close the louvers to retain a minimalist and striking look. Practicality meets appeal. Tastefully contained in sleek drawers are other natty ideas like spice jars and cylindrical roll holders (for paper towels, plastic wrap or aluminium) which neatly slot into grooves within the drawer. One of those simple ideas that makes you wonder why it hasn’t been thought of sooner. West London Kitchens also have a huge range of concealed storage ideas like magnetic box drawer inserts which can be shifted into any position and compartmentalised refuse drawers.

Four Considerations for a Clever Kitchen:
1. The layout and type of kitchen furniture must be adaptive to modern lifestyle needs; not only for cooking, but as a social hub, a dining area, a make-shift home office or homework station.
2. The storage should exploit inconspicuous spots. Use an interior designer to plan the layout and use bespoke cabinet makers. Together they will help you carve out every inch of sacred space.
3. Apply the ‘2-steps’ principal to your food preparation area. Use a combination of innovative ideas to make your time spent in the kitchen efficient and enjoyable.
4. Make sure that you have ample, layered lighting that illuminates for every need; food preparation, dining, working and entertaining.