Brik magazine Spring 2015


The Spring Brik magazine is here. Bear or Bull Market? With the long shadow of the general election putting the market on ice in terms of 'deals done', will bear buyers now get bullish or continue to hold out for sellers to crack and reduce their prices? Time will tell!

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On the Cover
Bear or Bull?
The wild bull market of early last year which saw massive growth in house prices has, for the time being it seems, stood down. It’s not out of the arena yet though and what’s more a new beast has entered, the bear. It seems for the time being their power is matched creating a market in limbo, if not growing marginally. The big question is which will get the upper hand in a market where ‘all bets are off’ and the long shadow of the coming election still hangs in the air. Without a major event most people agree that the current circumstances will prevail for some time longer, perhaps even up to the new year market of 2016. There are others though, who are gambling on a mini boom post-election that will see the bull push the bear clear out of the equation.