Artist's Home


Extending into the basement and garden comes in many shapes and forms, but more often you see the ‘good olde’ kitchen-opening-out-onto-garden arrangement.

Not so for Giles Pike Architects and Magenta Pink Interiors, who made a statement and went in the other direction. Instead they built a two-story glass box creating a ‘garden-view’ from the kitchen and reception room on the raised ground floor above, with easy access from the entertainment space on the lower ground floor into the garden. The creativity in this extension is that you get a vast amount of light without having to settle for lack of privacy, retaining a secluded home like feel morphed with a modern contemporary gallery like space. Couple this with a twist in direction across the lower-ground floor, with a more informal vintage aspect to partner with the use of the space as a place to relax and you get a little more out of your standard Victorian extension.

Modern, antiques and mid-century pieces combined with bold colours throughout give this 1870s house a warm feel, while giving the two spaces unique characters.

Photos © Brik