‘The antithesis of the stereotypical estate agency’

We’ve been offering exceptional service and friendly, frank advice for over a decade.

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Coming from both inside and outside the industry, we're familiar with the suit-wearing estate agent stereotype, and passionately believe in creating a brand that stands for the exact opposite of this negative cliche. A company that attracts great estate agents, forward thinking clients and exceptional property to prove that outstanding results can be achieved without dancing to the same tune. It's the one desire that drives all of us at Brik.


We understand that our people are the heart and soul of our company, and define the service and result that you receive. That's why only people who share our vision join the Brik team. Our unique 'one point of contact' system, where you are assigned an expert agent who deals with the sale of your property from start to finish, not just at the initial valuation, is one way we deliver on this vision.


Our high aspirations translate into real results for our clients. Armed with purpose, our people outperform the competition and deliver remarkable results time and time again. For example in 2014 over half our sales set a new record price for the road. We have become the go-to agency for property owners needing insightful, informed advice on selling and letting residential property across Southwest London.

Our Story

In early 2008 three like-minded guys
set out to change estate agency.

We'd all met exceptional estate agents in the years before starting Brik, both as colleagues and through the property magazines we used to publish. They were the people who propped up the out of date agencies they worked for, but found themselves stuck in a never ending groundhog day of cheap suits, dirty tricks and poor service. The people who were great at their jobs, but tainted by a stereotype that did them no favours at dinner parties. We also knew how the industry was in the grip of a number of incumbents that had no interest in improving the status quo.

Things moved slowly at first, but against all odds and stiff competition we successfully built Brik into what it is today: one of London's fastest growing and most talked about agencies. This in itself is testament to those early clients who took a chance on us. We may be bigger now, but our approach of giving the right advice even when it hurts our pockets in the short term hasn't changed a bit. Ultimately it's this philosophy, along with the talented people that it attracts, that has allowed us to become one of London's leading agencies. And the story is by no means over. We've got a lot of London left to liberate, and with that in mind we'll leave you here to get back to the job in hand.